New York City!

It’s official. The travel information arrived in my email inbox this afternoon. I’m going to New York City…I’m going to New York City!

Thank God, that half year of tagging all photos of the city I saw on my Tumblr dashboard with “nyc2013” was not done in vain. Thank God, that story I wrote with my overflowing imagination about what it would be like to compete in the Big Apple will no longer be fiction, but fact. Thank God, it is me standing in the front of the room with my teammates, the trophy cradled in my palms, just as it was with the team from my school last year. This is, admittedly, one of the biggest things that’s happened to me in my life so far. Not everybody can say they won a state-level economics/forensics competition, and are bound to go on to Nationals at the beating financial heart of the world’s greatest city. It’s all finally happening!

I’ll be in NYC from noon of April 11th, to the afternoon of the 13th. With the segments of the timetable pieced together, we will have at least a whole day to enjoy the cultural and touristy splendor we can cram in. Wall Street, Times Square, and dining out somewhere awesome is definitely on the top of my to-do list! I’ve already been planning out in my head how to handle film rolls and X-ray security at the airports. Plus, funny thing is, my family’s already planned to come to New York City during summer vacation of this year. So, even if all the film turns out to be completely screwed up this time around, I’ll always have the next time!

I can’t wait! This trip is going to definitely necessitate an updated wardrobe, lots of preparation for the actual competition, and tons of hype. April’s going to be a huge travel and photography month for me. Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon during spring break, and then New York City soon after that! I’m actually still in the slog of March right now, with  more piano and econ competitions being chucked in every direction at me, so I can’t lose focus now and turn too happy-go-lucky. Not to mention goddamn school and my slippery-slope GPA. But the euphoria is just so great, you know?

And, and, the new Hurts album Exile which was released all of about a week ago, is the icing upon the icing upon the cake. It’s not quite what Happiness was, but I think all fans of music must accept the fact that quality bands’ sounds will always change, whether slightly or dramatically, with each album. Each album is like a different flavor, a different season: just a different phase of music and of life. Exile is darker, guitar-ier, a collective midnight cult chorus, as opposed to its more melodic, electro-synth older sibling. But I welcome the change.

Overall, it has just been a fantastic week. I do so much hope this warm draft will last a little longer before it has to go. New York City–just keep thinking about it! I get excited every time my mind spins back to it, which is about once every twenty minutes during the day. I am going places!


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