So I guess I finally remembered I had a blog…ugh. It’s been a really long time and my mind has completely lapsed. Fortunately, though, you might be more cheered to know that I definitively haven’t stopped taking film pictures since my last blog post. In fact, I’ve gone through so many rolls that I just stopped keeping track. I also got a new lens for my Canon AE-1 Program, an f/1.4!

Now that I think of it, I have so much to talk about because it’s been so long, and so much progress has been made in my experience with analog photography. I’m even planning on submitting some of my pictures to this year’s Scholastic Art and Writing Awards because hey, what do I have to lose, other than $5 per picture for the submission fee? But alas, I am writing this post the Sunday before midterms week, in a classical act of Bad Decision Making. I tend to do that a lot around important test dates. God, what am I doing with my life.

But anyway. I’ll try to make a blog post during winter break of the highlights of all that’s happened from April to December. Some actually interesting stuff has gone down within that timespan–from the Grand Canyon in Arizona to islands off the East Coast in Maine, summers in the park, autumns in the apple orchards. My Flickr’s right here for proof. And did I ever show you guys those New York City photos from that national competition I went to? Damn, I think I have a post saved up somewhere about it.

Well. We’ll get to all of that soon, I hope. I dunno if anybody is still following me or if anybody remotely cares, but hey, this is a naturally barren corner of the Internet that I’m squatting in right now anyway, so that shouldn’t particularly matter, right? And also, my sister got a blog. She’s a good writer and has a lot of interesting thoughts, so you should go check that out.

I might take this blog in a new direction too once I get my matters in order. Talking about photography is great, but I want this page to encompass more aspects of me rather than just one. It’s probably going to be expanded to include music, art, and writing. Which is still pretty close to the photography realm, you know? Also maybe college stuff. Because college is coming up for me and that means I need somewhere to vent about it.